Removed S1x Cam and Installed XP Cam

On 6/2/2006, Travis @ GTPowderworks and I swapped out my Intense Stage 1x cam for a ZZP XP-HOT cam.  I wasn't happy with the performance I was getting from the S1x and I noticed a trend among other S1x cammed cars.......half of them got stuck in the 13's, while others were able to break into the 12's.  I think that it's a decent cam if you run small pulleys, race gas, and/or an intercooler, but since my goals were to run high 12's on street tires and pump gas, I decided to step it up to a cam that a lot more people have success with.  I also wanted to change my valve spring retainers and valve seals since I was using some oil between changes.  Finally, I also wanted to check my single rollmaster timing chain and tensioner and upgrade to a double roller if needed.

So I showed up at 9am on that Friday and started tearing down.  I was fighting a cold and it was hot, so I didn't feel as sharp as I wanted doing this work, but I pressed on and by 1-2pm we had the valve spring retainers and seals swapped.  After we took lunch, we pulled the crank pulley and front cover.  The timing chain and tensioner looked really good for 20k miles on 105-pound valve springs.  I was planning on upgrading to the double-roller chain, but I couldn't install the milled oil pump cover because one of the torx bits was stripped.  Fortunately, I had a new tensioner for the single chain and we moved on.  The cam was swapped and we started to put everything back together.  Travis worked on the front cover and I worked on putting the lifters, pushrods, and rockers back on.  We had some trouble getting the engine cradle to line up right which slowed us down a little, but after getting it figured out, we finished everything up.  After changing the oil and re-filling the coolant, I cranked the motor without spark or fuel to listen for any weird sounds.  Then we hooked up spark and fuel and fired it up.  After running it for 5-10 minutes, we did another oil change and then we were done.

I took a few pictures, but because I was feeling under the weather and having my hands dirty, I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted to.  Here they are:

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